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Sensual Telegrams to the Soul*

*Words by Adam Sol; Artwork by Julie Cohn

You as a forest

I listen to the shelter of you
the sweeping canopy cradling the day
and night of me
the moon rising in your branches
the stars falling into the sweep of your hair.
I see the feet of your forest
the fingers, the limbs
the concave and convex of you,
the light that falls around us.
I smell your maple,
fern, ivy.

The light serpentine
falling through the rings
of redwoods.

Story & Bone by Deborah Leipziger
Flower Map by Deborah Leipziger

Awards and Nominations

  • Deborah Leipziger is a Community Creative Fellow, selected by the Jewish Arts Collaborative (2023-2024)
  • Deborah is currently a Poet in Residence at the Vilna Shul, Winter-Spring 2024
  • “Self, Archeologist” received a Pushcart Prize Nomination by Ibbetson Street, 2022
  • “Sugaring” by Deborah Leipziger was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the Lily Poetry Review in 2020
  • “How to make pie” won the Poetry Prize from ESME’s Annual Showcase Awards
  • “Written on Skin” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the Muddy River Poetry Review in 2014